Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!

Who Shops First?! You Do!

ANYONE can sell and EVERYONE can shop (and save) with Just Between Friends! This is one event you can't afford to miss.

Team Members shop first, then Consignors, then Prime Time ticket holders, then Community Presales. There are several different ways to shop early, so please read on for details.

The sale opens to the general public on Thursday, April 30th and runs through Sunday, May 4th. Sale hours are outlined below.


Prime Time & Community Presales

Wednesday, April 29th

Prime Time Shopping | 2pm-9pm

Unable to sell or help at the sale but still want first dibs with fewer crowds? Join us for Prime Time Shopping. Tickets are $10 per adult and can be purchased HERE.

Community Presales

First Time Parents & Grandparents | 5pm-9pm

Are you pregnant or is that first child/grandchild under the age of one? Shop the best selection of infant gear, clothing and accessories before we open to the public. Get your free tickets HERE.

Foster and Adoptive Parents & Parents of Multiples | 6pm-9pm

Are you a foster parent, adding a member to your family through adoption or a parent of multiples? Shop for all of your kids needs before we open to the public. Get your free tickets HERE.

Military Families | 6pm-9pm

Thank you for all you do to serve our country. As a small token of our gratitude, please join us and shop before we open to the public. Get your free tickets HERE.

Teachers and Homeschool Parents | 6pm-9pm

Thank you for taking care of our communities' children! Stock up on everything you need for your classroom and more. Get your free tickets HERE.


Saturday, May 2nd

50% Off Presale Shopping | 6pm-8pm

Shop the 50% off sale the night before we open it up to the public! All items without a star are 50% off! Tickets are $10 and can be purchased HERE.




Team Members & Consignors

It takes a village of moms and dads to put on our sale. Helping at the sale directly contributes to it's success AND it's the easiest way to maximize your profits.

Team Members earn 70% on sold items (50% if participating as a Valet Consignor) for helping for 4 hours (plus you get to shop earlier two times)!

The Team Member schedule is now open!

Insider Tip: Look for EXTRA and DOUBLE credit shifts on the schedule where you can get additional credits and shop even earlier! We've even got a shift that comes with JBF Bucks.

Team Leaders can earn 75-80% of their sold items, pay no consignor fee and be the absolute first to shop! Details can be found HERE. There is always room for more on our team and we'd love to welcome you to it!

Wednesday, April 29th | Presale Shopping | Open until 9pm

Team Members

  9am | 16-hour credit presale + Bring 2 Guests
10am | 12-hour credit presale + Bring 2 Guests
11am | 8-hour credit presale + Bring 1 Guest
12pm | 4-hour credit presale + Bring 1 Guest

1pm | Consignor + Guest


Saturday, May 2nd | 50% Off Presale | Open until 8pm

3pm | 16-hour & 12-hour credit Team Members presale
4pm | 8-hour & 4-hour credit Team Members presale
5pm | Consignor + Family


Sunday, May 3rd | 75% Off Sale
3pm-4pm | Team Members helping at the sorting shift will receive an invitation to shop this exclusive sale prior to sorting. Any tags marked for reduction and donation (excluding valet tagged items) will be 75% Off!

*Please note - You are welcome to enter any time AFTER your presale start time. Passes will be emailed to you after drop off.


Public Shopping

Everyone is invited to shop the Just Between Friends of Shawnee/Kansas City event.

We accept cash, Visa, M/C, Discover, AMEX and debit cards.

We have shopping bags available for your use and we have a HOLD area if your arms get full.

Public Shopping Times

Thursday, April 30th | 9am-8pm

$2 Admission at the door or get your free tickets HERE!


Friday, May 1st | 9am-8pm

New deals on the sales floor!

Get your free tickets HERE.


Saturday, May 2nd | 9am-5pm

Get your free tickets HERE.


Sunday, May 3rd | 9am-4pm

50% Off Day - Items without a star will be 50% off today.

Get your free tickets HERE.


DON'T MISS OUR OVERLAND PARK SPRING SALE - May 14th-17th! You can get all of the details HERE.



Stephanie Hyder



Interested in being a vendor at our event? Email us here.


As a mom, I get it! Raising kids on a budget is tough…not to mention they grow out of things so fast!

That’s why we created JBF.  We help local families sell the items their kids no longer use and shop safely to re-stock their closets each season at a fraction of what it would cost paying retail.
It’s a win-win and why I love JBF…I know you will too!


Want to double your shopping fun?! Join us at our Overland Park sister sale May 14th-17th!